Our Logo

The white swirls on the blue background of Moedi wa Batho’s logo are a powerful symbol of man’s ability to break through barriers to achieve success.

The word “moedi” is a Sesotho word for boundary or border. In Northern Sotho “moedi” means watercourse or valley. The word “batho” means people, and wa stands for you. Moedi “wa” Batho can thus be loosely translated as “water boundary (watercourse) of the people”. The wavy swirl at the bottom of the logo represents water, one of life’s most powerful and essential elements.

The spiralling curves that emanate and rise from the swirling water represent the ability of the people, using the strength of the water, to elevate themselves and break through the boundaries of poor socio-economic conditions. The outstretched arms that complete the logo symbolise joyful success.